First responders are warning iPhone users about a new trend mingling on social media.

According to Beaumont Fire Rescue officials, the trick started out as a meme on Facebook telling iPhone users to say “108” to Siri which actually dials 911 instead.

Captain Jimmy Blanchard with Beaumont Fire Rescue, told 12News their dispatch center has not received any phony 911 calls since the meme hit the internet but he is warning folks not try it out.

“It can be construed as 911 abuse and you can prosecuted for it if you’re playing with a 911 phone call.” Said Blanchard.

On Sunday, dispatchers Craig Willett and Carl Whitehead had multiple emergency calls coming in.

They say they do not want people clogging up the phone lines with this new trick because it can affect someone who is actually having an emergency.

“We have a limited number of dispatchers and the more calls we make, the tougher it makes to answer the calls in a timely manner.” Said Whitehead.

12News learned that 108 is the emergency number in India and Siri recognizes it as a call for help.