A room full of uniforms all for 8-year-old Caden Norton. The 2nd grader from Winnie, never thought he'd be celebrating his birthday with so many heroes until now.

With air rescue in the sky, dozens of law enforcement officers and rescue workers decided to give Caden a look at what being a "first responder" is all about.

"This feels good. This is a positive thing. A lot of times all we see in our careers is a negative out in the streets. this is a way we can give back to our community." said Assistant Deputy Chief, Rod Carroll.

Three years ago on Memorial Weekend, Caden suffered a car crash with his twin brother, Cameron. His brother did not make it.

Caden's mother, Crystal Lanier, told 12News she wanted letters from first responders to give Caden for his birthday but they decided to go all out for him instead.

"This is more than what I imagined. This is everything." she said.

Lanier says Caden was inspired by the first responders who saved his life on that dark day and she is proud her son wants to do the same for others in the future.

"Caden took this as these are heroes. Now, he wants to do that. For two years he's been saying I want to be a cop." Lanier told us.

When we asked Caden why he wanted to be a police officer, he said: "I want to be a police officer because they save people."

Jefferson County Sheriff's Office, Beaumont Police Department, Beaumont Fire Rescue, and many more first responders were all in attendance.