A Beaumont family is without a home after an early morning fire tore through their house.

Dale Cane was watching a movie with one of his six grandchildren who were in the house at the time. Him, his wife and their grandchildren rushed out of the home when they saw smoke fill the house.

"We just had what we have on, everything else is gone, the house is demolished," Cane said.

Firefighters were called to the 1100 block of Euclid shortly after 1 a.m. Easter Sunday.

Investigators believe an electrical short in the attic space sparked the blaze which quickly engulfed the upper part of the home.

The structure received extensive fire and water damage, according to Beaumont Fire and Rescue.

That didn't stop Cane's grandchildren from trying to stay positive after the fire.

"We just had one of them who said, 'Pappy, next time you barbecue, do it outside," Cane said.

Cane said it was good to hear laughter from his grandchildren.

"This morning was very tragic but I've learned through everything you give Him thanks. And by Resurrection morning I still thank God that none of us came out in a bag. we all came out alive and well and without a scratch," Cane said.

"Material things we can replace but one of us we can't," Cane said.

Red Cross is assisting the family. The Canes have set up a fundraiser to help with living expenses.

GoFundMe: The Cane Residence