A few businesses in Southeast Texas participated in the “day without immigrants” protest by shutting their doors on Thursday.

Businesses like Zoraya’s Beauty Salon and Taqueria Lupita are two businesses off College St. and Avenue B that shut down for the protest.

Other people gathered at Fletcher Park to show their support for businesses and immigrants in the community.

“Me being here is supporting everyone who is undocumented, everyone in the Hispanic community that’s why we are here to show people that they don’t have to be afraid,” said Rosendo Mosqueda. “You can come out and you have rights.”

Mosqueda is from a family of immigrants and his mother came to the United States 27 years ago from Mexico. He explained that she became a citizen 11 years later and now owns her own company.

"My mother is a big public figure, I’ve seen her as a public figure in the Hispanic community," said Mosqueda.

League of United Latin American Citizens President, Roberto Flores said he is happy that businesses have made a stand to support immigrants.

"These people are helpless, they don’t have any voice or anything,” said Flores. “They haven’t established themselves in the community."

While some businesses protested others like Carlito’s, Elena's and Tacos La Bamba chose to remain open.

12news spoke to the Carlitos Manager Carlos Hernandez off camera. He explained he sympathizes with the immigrants but wants to also provide service to his customers and income for his employees. To show solidarity he decided to wear a black shirt to work today.

Mosqueda said all of these efforts help show support in the Hispanic community.

"Even us who have documents have their back, you know because most are law abiding citizens who want to make a living," said Mosqueda.