This investigation has left many people with unanswered questions like what happens next for Harbor patients.

"What if it's time for their refills and getting test results or even their records," says Stacie Swearingen, daughter of a current patient at Harbor.

Those are some of the many questions causing a concern for her and her mother.

"It makes me angry and nervous at the same time," She says.

"There is no information and they're basically in limbo," Swearingen explains.

Her mother is a two-time lung cancer survivor who has been receiving treatment at the Harbor Lung Center.

The federal investigation only adds to the families stress.

"It's kind of upsetting for her and no one is giving me answers to what to do," says Swearingen

"It's being left in the air for us," She explains.

But here's the problem, Harbor is one of the only health care providers that accept the insurance for her mother's treatment.

"Their priority should be their patients, and the first thing they should do is notify their patients in some way," Swearingen explains.

Leaving those like Swearingen and her mother in a bind not knowing what's next.

"Like I told my mother, be patient and don't panic, give it a couple of days," She says.

Swearingen tells 12News she will do whatever it takes to fix her mothers situation.

Her biggest concern is for the elderly who don't have anyone to guide them in the right direction.