A 16-year-old girl from South Carolina is reunited with her mother, after she was found by police in Orange.

The teenager’s phone was pinged on a greyhound bus off I-10 and 62 on Sunday, according to Captain Robert Enmon with Orange Police Department.

FBI had contacted investigators about the location of the phone. Orange Investigators then stopped the greyhound bus at approximately midnight and found the young teen alone.

Orange Police confirmed the teen was a runaway with the Richland County Sheriff’s Office in South Carolina.

Child victim advocate, Jean Upfold said she ran away from home as a young child and wants to warn teens about dangerous predators on the streets.

“It’s a miracle that no one found her because those busses, those terminals that’s what they are looking for and they are waiting in those terminals,” said Upfold.

The runaway teen stated that she had been assaulted at home but police are investigating the claim.

The teen also told an officer about a sexual encounter with someone in San Antonio.

Upfold suggests that the girl’s parents speak to her about what happened to make sure she is okay.

“Those kids need a voice, they need love and understanding,” said Upfold.

The FBI is currently investigating. One person is in custody at this time.