A quiet community right off highway 96 in Kirbyville became the scene of a heavy police presence Monday afternoon.

Kirbyville police, Jasper County Deputies, and DPS troopers surrounded a home on the 500 block of West Main Street. The homeowner, Paul Pulliam called for an ambulance, believing his son Casey was going to hurt himself, firing a gun inside his home.

“He barricaded himself inside his room,” said Pulliam. “For about 3 to 4 hours. And they had to shoot gas in the room to get him out.”

After a nearly 3 hour long standoff, police went in after the 33 year old man.That's when police say he tried to fire a shotgun at them, but it misfired.

Casey Pulliam is now being held in Jasper County jail on an attempted capital murder charge.

The concerned and forgiving father believes his son wasn't in his right mind, and possibly on drugs.

“Very out of character,” said the elder Pulliam. “He's a real good good guy. So I mean all of this is very confusing.”

Mr. Pulliam hopes that even in all this chaos, a lesson can be learned.

“I hope that this can be eye opening for some people,” said Pulliam. “And they will try to get some of these dangerous drugs and narcotics off the street.”