The father of a Beaumont man accused in the 2010 murder of a woman and her daughter at their Beaumont home took the stand Monday afternoon as the defense began to present their case.

Joseph Colone, Sr., took the stand and described events right after the killing of Mary Goodman, 41. and her daughter, Briana, 16. 

Colone sr.'s son, Joseph Colone, jr., 38, is charged with the crime.

Colone, sr., testified that his wife was on the phone with police. He said when he looked out the front door he saw several police officers with sniper rifles.

He testified that he called his son immediately after officers gave him instructions on what to do if he heard from him and told his son to turn himself in.

Prosecutors asked Colone, sr., on cross examination if he had given money to Mary Goodman's boyfriend Robert Fontenot in return for Fontenot giving him a written statement but Colone, sr., denied it.

Colone, sr., testified that he knew Fontenot because he worked with his brother and said that Fontenot had approached him twice asking for money so he decided to help him out. Colone, sr., told the jury that Fontenot approached him another time and gave him a written notarized statement but never asked him for money,

The next witness who took the stand was Beth Fontenot who is married to Robert Fontenot. Beth Fontenot said Robert told her in 2010 that he was planning on robbing a game room with Mary Goodman and a man named Joe.

Joseph Colone jr. was charged with robbing a game room in Beaumont in 2010. Prosecutors said Mary Goodman was a witness to the robbery and believes Colone killed Goodman and her daughter to keep them from testifying.

However, the defense is trying to prove that Goodman was conspiring with Colone jr in the game room robbery.

The prosecutors asked Beth Fontenot if her husband Robert Fontenot was paid by Colone, sr, for a statement. However, Beth Fontenot said Colone, sr, paid Robert Fontenot not to testify in court. 

The defense decided to put Goodman’s next door neighbor Kendra Piert on the stand next. She told the jury she saw Briana Goodman walk up to Joseph Colone jr.’s truck three days before the shooting. She said Briana was talking to someone inside the truck for about three minutes.

A witness named Ralph Kimberlane who lives near Hartel St. testified saying he heard gun shots the day Briana and Mary Goodman were killed.

Kimberlane told the jury he saw a man wearing a doorag running away from the home. Kimberlane said the man was not wearing a black hoodie or black gloves.

Earlier in the morning, the prosecutors called more DNA specialists to testify in court.

Tanya Dean, a forensic analyst with the Department of Public Safety told the jury she found DNA from Mary Goodman and Joseph Colone jr. on a glove from the crime scene. 

Dean also said she found Mary Goodman’s DNA on a bloody tissue. 

Last week, a DNA specialist confirmed that Mary Goodman's blood was found on the inside of what prosecutors are calling Joseph Colone jr's getaway car.

Police believe the car belongs to his girlfriend Ebony Andrews. Prosecutors believe Andrews helped Colone escape in her white dodge charger after he killed Mary and Briana Goodman.

Dean said a pair of glasses that were found inside the dodge challenger also had Colone jr’s DNA on it.

Testimony will begin at the Jefferson county court tomorrow at 8:30 a.m.