Marcus Camby’s family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the former Houston Rocket.

The lawsuit alleges Camby failed to supervise his nephew, Marcus McGhee, who has autism, before he drowned on Camby’s property in November.

McGhee’s family was visiting Camby from Connecticut when he wandered away on Thanksgiving Day. The community and police searched for two days before discovering his body in a private lake in Camby’s backyard.

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The lawsuit, filed by Camby’s brother-in-law, alleges Camby failed to supervise the boy, put no protective measures in place to keep his nephew from the pond and had Camby exercised precautions, the 9-year-old’s death could have been avoided.

KHOU 11 Legal Analyst Gerald Treece suggests the lawsuit is strategic, rather than family vengeance.

“Negotiation with the insurance company is my guess,” Treece said. “I think they just hit a stalemate.”

Treece says if Camby’s insurance has failed to pay his sister and brother-in-law an amount they feel is fair, the lawsuit must allege and prove Camby’s negligence is what led to his nephew’s death for an insurance settlement.

“I think they’re trying to figure out a solution and the lawsuit just puts the insurance companies on notice that these people need to get a recover and get more reasonable,” Treece said.

There is a possibility Camby fights the lawsuit and his sister and brother-in-law carryout suing the basketball player. Treece says there’s no way of knowing through court documents.