It was an emotional day for family members of Pamela Fields, a woman who was killed in a DUI crash July 5th last year, one day before she was going to turn 50 years old.

Her sister, Jacqueline McGee was disappointed that Vanessa Davis, the woman charged in her death, had her bond reduced from $100,000 to $85,000 today.

She expressed the grief that she says her entire family feels over their loss.
"Every day, I miss my sister. I have to see her grandkids grow up without her. I hear her great nephew said, he wants to open up the sky so she can come back,” McGee said.

McGee says Davis and Fields were friends, but after speaking with the two other victims who survived the crash, McGee thinks Davis intended to kill her sister when she sped down Gulfway Drive and Fields was thrown from the car.

"Her sister said she felt like Vanessa was trying to kill them. And when they was in the car with them, she felt like Vanessa did this on purpose. My sister asked her, "let me out, let me out of the car." Why didn't you just let her out of the car?” McGee wondered.

Davis' decision has left fields' family in heartbreak, especially for her sister Constance Oliver, who is still in sorrow.

"My birthday is July 4, hers is July 6, and we always celebrated our birthday together. I miss that, and it hurts, and I want justice," Oliver said.

The family tells me their next step is to meet with the assistant district attorney's office next Tuesday before a trial officially begins.