A family is relieved after David Humphries was sentenced to 35 years in prison and fined $10,000 after being found guilty of inappropriately touching a young girl in a Port Arthur Academy store last year. 

The victim's grandmother who did not want to reveal her identity said she wished Humphries was sentenced for life by the Jefferson County Jury Thursday afternoon.

"I felt a flash of anger that doesn't feel nearly as long enough," said the grandmother.

The victim's father expressed the same concern about the prison sentence.

"I wanted life because it was my daughter, I appreciate what the jury did for us finding him guilty and having him in prison for 35 years but I don't want him to have that be done to another child," said the father.  

However, the grandmother said after two days of testimony she is happy the trial is finally over.

"I want him to be put away forever he is a monster and little girls need to be protected," said Grandmother. 

Humphries will be eligible for parole in 17 and a half years.

He had faced 5 - 99 years or life in prison for the crime and still faces charges for touching another young girl on the same day. He is also facing possible indecent exposure charges for allegedly masturbating in front of a store employee on the same day. 

The sentencing phase of the trial Thursday was emotional as witnesses, including the victim's mother, testified.

The mother of the victim said her daughter, who was six at the time of the incident, feels sick to her stomach and feels stress after being touched by Humphries.

“I don’t let her out of sight anywhere she goes now," she testified.

“I love people but this year I've felt a lot of hate towards this man who stole my child’s innocence," she said.

The grandmother said she was very proud of her granddaughter 's bravery for taking the stand. 

"I was so proud of her, so proud of that girl, she was afraid and so nervous and she looked him right in the eyes and picked him out," said the grandmother.
The father expressed the same support for his little girl.
"She was brave through the whole ordeal and was doing the right thing by coming forward and talking about it," said the father. 

Humphries also took the stand telling the jury he had been living behind the Academy store for a few weeks.

He is originally from North Carolina and said he had gone into the Port Arthur Academy store to steal some shoes and shirts. Humphries also claimed to be living behind the store in storage containers. 

Prosecutor Kim Pipkin brought up his previous criminal history mentioning that he had been charged with burglarizing a building and a home as well as indecent exposure and DWI. 

When Pipkin asked about his previous indecent exposure charge Humphries said he had been struggling with alcoholism and was urinating in a store. Pipkin said this is not true, she explained he was caught masturbating in a Sears store in Smith county. 

While on the stand Humphries told jury members he had a lot of good runs in his life but is not perfect.

Humphries said he has felt “haunted” ever since the incident.

When defense attorney Thomas Burbank asked if he was sorry Humphries said “I’m not satisfied, I’m not happy with myself, I feel terrible.”

The grandmother said she did not believe Humphries was truly sorry for touching her little granddaugther.

"It was everything I could do to jump over there and I wanted to claw his eyes out," said the grandmother.

In her closing statements Pipkin said Humphries was making excuses for his crime and won’t admit to wrongdoing.

“This is forever with the little girls, make this punishment forever for him,” she told the jury.

Pipkin said he will be charged with another child indecency case and a possible indecent exposure case in the future. 

Humphries will also be required to register as a sex offender after he is released from prison.