Dozens gathered today to honor the life of 35-year-old Rose Bonilla.

The inmate who was found dead at the orange county jail last month.

“She cared for a lot of people, she was sweet, loving and passionate,” says Justus Bonilla, Rose’s son.

Rosa was rushed to Christus St Elizabeth hospital after correctional officers discovered the inmate hanging in her cell, she was then pronounced dead at the hospital.

It’s a complete heartbreak to her entire family, especially to her son Justus.

“No matter what' she's been through, she will always be in my heart,” he explains.

A vigil was held to honor the life of Rose on Saturday.

It was held at the Riverfront Park in Beaumont.

The goal for everyone there, to prevent similar incidents from ever happening again.

“I hope anyone else going to that jail has good insight in watching those people and they are taken care of,” says Zoe Bonilla, mother of Rose.

A message of love and compassion to those suffering from a mental disorder, like the one that took the life of their mother.

“We will always be thinking about her and care for her,” says Justus, with tears in his eyes.

“Even if she's not here we'll always have her here in our heart,” he explains.

Rose was booked into the Orange County Jail on the morning of her death on a misdemeanor drug charge.

Officials say she was the only inmate in the cell at the time.

Sheriff Keith Merritt stated there will be a thorough and continuing investigation into this incident.