Two women were sitting down in a rest area in Parkdale Mall when one of the women noticed something crawling on her.

The two women noticed bed bugs on the couch. "The couch was infested with thousands of those nasty bed bugs" stated Jerica Cane-Landry.

The bed bugs were all hidden in the corners of the couch, according to Landry.

"I literally told five people to not sit on that couch. It was disgusting! Afterwards, we literally had to turn the couch over to avoid other customers sitting on it" stated Landry.

Landry ended her Facebook post by warning others to be careful when sitting in public places because you never know what may be hidden in or on the piece of furniture.

"We are aware of the complaint and are investigating it further. The furniture identified by the customer, as well as all upholstered furniture in the immediate area, has been removed from the floor" stated Stacey Keating, Parkdale Mall spokesperson.