A local diner looks to cash in on ExxonMobil’s expansion of its plant on Highway 90.

The Diamond S Diner said their profits have already begun to rise as the BPEX expansion kicks off.

“When the oil and gas is booming. It really helped our business. And when it fell off. We lost that business. Now we can pick our business up to where it was two or three years ago,” Manager Jimmy Samaha said.

He said business has been down 35 percent over the past two years.

Now he is relying on the influx of workers to help his bottom line.

Colby Brackin doesn’t work at the plant but said the chicken fried steak keeps him a faithful patron at the diner.

“We were working out in the area and we decided to just sit down and eat in a nice environment,” Brackin said. “Not only will it benefit this community. It's a great place to get food and you don't have to. Fight all the traffic in Beaumont.”

The way business is trending now, the manager said Brackin isn’t the only one falling in love with the home cooking.

“We're starting to see an uptick,” Samaha said. “About the last month or so the right away people and the refinery people are starting to come back in. They are the same people that we're here before, we know their faces and they say hey guys we're back to help y'all out again.”

To accommodate more appetites, the manager has already added more tables, menu items and is even considering the addition of a to-go window for quick service.

The expansion is expected to generate $20 billion in economic activity over the