The voting machines are up and ready at the Jefferson County Courthouse Monday. That's just one of the 40 polling locations where County Clerk, Carolyn Guidry and her employees spent the day working on last minute details before election day.

"The election equipment was delivered the day before yesterday and its kept locked with a key." Guidry said.

All machines at each voting location is locked and sealed until Election Day by law according to Guidry.

About 250 to 300 election employees and volunteers will be scattered across Jefferson County on Election Day.

Jefferson County Constables are also getting ready for the big day. All Constables will be on site at 18 polling locations for extra security.

"We will be assisting with everything going on with elections. We will be filling in where we need to fill in." Guidry told 12News.

The County Clerk believes the busiest voting spot will be Rogers Park Tuesday and suggests last minute voters exercise patience so those wanting to cast a ballot can do so without issues.

The County Clerk's office will be closed to the public on Election Day.