After a man wielding a knife attacked students at the University of Texas on Monday, sophomore, Jamie Richardson spent the rest of her school day at a Baptist ministries building on campus.

Richardson says it was the safest place to be for her after police say a 21-year-old student stabbed and killed another student and injured three others.

“The crime scene occurred outside, right across the street. Then I walked outside the door and as I was walking, I walked upon one of the stabbing victims.” She said.

The 19-year-old was walking to class and told 12News she her dorm was just feet away from here the stabbing happened.

“Initially, when I heard screaming, I wanted to go back to my dorm. I wanted to run. I didn’t know what was the safest place to go. I just wanted to stay around people.” Richardson explained.

Her mother, Angela Richardson, says her husband got a phone call from Jamie minutes after tragedy struck campus.

“I can hear the shaking in her voice and I knew….but as a mom, you hear that in their voice and you know they’re not 100% okay.”

The Richardson’s were in Austin over the weekend visiting Jamie on campus but never imagined they would get a frightening phone call from her.

“Thank God she is okay. That’s all I can think of is thank God she is okay.”

University of Texas President, Greg Fenves released a statement on Monday that reads in part:

"There are no words to describe my sense of loss. Campus safety is our highest priority and we will investigate this tragic incident to the greatest extent possible.”

Lamar University officials released this statement on Monday as well that reads:

“We express our deepest sympathy to the victims, their families and friends and the entire University of Texas community on hearing of the tragedy unfolding in Austin today.  Lamar University works continually to ensure a safe campus environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors. The Lamar University Police Department is comprised of fully trained and well-equipped peace officers licensed by the State of Texas. Added to this 24-7 force, are additional Community Safety Officers who fill more routine security helping keep our officers on patrol. LUPD embraces state-of-the-art training and technology in fulfilling its mission, including security cameras, emergency notification systems, and other tools. LUPD provides safety training and as crime prevention tips to the campus community, and works and trains with Beaumont PD and the Jefferson County Sherriff’s Office for situations that might require their support.”