The Kountze police chief says a popular outdoor activity is causing problems for some local businesses.

Painted rocks are showing up across the area. Those who paint the rocks usually post a photo on social media and give the general location for searchers who collect the rocks. The low-tech Pokemon-like activity is something some parents have welcomed. They are thrilled to see kids interested in any physical activity. But some local business owners are dealing with disappearing landscaping rocks.

Kountze Police Chief James Slaughter cautions those searching for rocks to paint to be aware that they cannot take rocks from local businesses without permission. You can face a criminal charge and be given a criminal trespass warning for stealing rocks.

“I realize this is all done in fun, but please be considerate of other people’s personal property,” said the chief on the department’s Facebook page.

The chief Thursday said no one has been arrested, cited or given warnings for taking rocks, but wants people to know that businesses pay for landscaping rocks so that the community can have nice places to shop.