It has been a record breaking week of early voting in Jefferson County, but for the first time this week numbers have fallen below 2012 totals.

On Thursday, 5,593 people cast their ballots.

That's almost 300 people less than last election's day four early voting turnout when 5.912 people hit the polls.

But don't be phased by the slight drop in numbers. Here's how the overall numbers stack up. So far in 2016 early voting, 31,182 Jefferson County voters have cast a ballot. That's 2,420 more Jefferson County voters by day four of the 2012 election.

The 2012 election reported that a total of 28,762 people voted by the fourth day of early voting. Both 2016, and 2012 numbers include the mail in ballots.

There are still several days of early voting until election day. If you are curious about where you can vote in the area and hours they are open, you can click here.