Southeast Texas is seeing a surge in early voting.

In Jefferson County, 11,133 people cast ballots in person and by mail today. To put that in comparison,the 2012 first day turnout was 6,304. You can find more details on voter turnout for Jefferson County here.

Here are the numbers for other counties:

In Orange County, 3,460 people cast their ballots in person and by mail today. The count for people who voted in person is 2,527 people.

Harris County broke an early voting first day record with 59,827 votes. That breaks the 2012 record of 47,093 votes.

So what has voters showing up in droves? Troy Kless spoke with voters at the Jefferson County Courthouse to find out.

Early voters streamed in and out of the Jefferson County courthouse today.

For 57 year old Del Murray, this is his second time ever casting a presidential ballot.

He believes his vote will be more critical in this election.

"Hillary's just got too many bad things you know? I don't trust her. She's lied and she's bought her way out of trouble," Murray said.

Trouble that's left many others with a tough choice.

Gordon Friesz says his pick was not a decision he took lightly.

"I did vote for Trump, probably against my better judgment. It was more of a protest vote, than anything else. I just, I uh there are two bad choices this election cycle quite frankly," Friesz said.

Trump still holds a slim lead in Texas polls, but Addie Broussard feels Hillary Clinton should lead the nation over Trump.

"Knowledge, or experience, the experience mainly, Trump doesn't have the experience so I don't think he should even be running for the presidency," Broussard said.

But Murray believes this is a critical time for his country.

"And I think we need to take the country in a new direction," Murray said.