Day two of early voting has come to a close.

According to Jefferson County elections records, 7,613 voters cast an early ballot, Tuesday.

On Monday, counties across the state, including Jefferson County, saw a record turnout.

7,844 Jefferson County voters turned out for day one of early voting and 3,289 mail in ballots were received, bringing the two day total to 18,777.

In other early voting news today, Jefferson County Clerk, Carolyn Guidry released a statement in an effort to alleviate fears of voter fraud. It read, in part:

The Jefferson County Elections Department is confident in the Hart Voting System used for elections administered by the County Clerk’s office throughout Jefferson County. This system has been certified both at the federal and state level, and is in no way linked to any internet service. We run logic and accuracy tests on the election database before and after the live election. There are detailed audit logs. We place security seals and chain of custody equipment procedures in place and no user can run an outside program on any of our voting devices.

Early voting continues through November 4th. The schedule is, as follows:

8am-5pm through Friday, October 28th
7am-7pm Saturday, October 29th
Noon-5pm Sunday, October 30th
7am-7pm Monday, October 31st - Friday, November 4th