Tyler County Deputies showed up at a residence in the city of Ivanhoe to serve an arrest warrant on Wednesday afternoon at about 2:30.

Arne Arthur Koenig, 43, of Ivanhoe had an outstanding warrant for his arrest on a theft of service warrant. Deputies were able to locate Koenig inside the residence. During a search of the residence Deputies found a large amount of drugs such as Methamphetamine.

Deputies found approximately 312 grams of Meth in the residence. Koenig was transported to the Tyler County Jail, charged with manufacture/delivery of a controlled substance/ Felony 1 and theft of service.

According to the Tyler County Sheriff, Deputies seized over $8,000 in cash.

Koenig is being held in jail under a $155 thousand bond set by Justice of the Peace Trisher Ford. Koenig is facing additional charges in relation to a firearm that was discovered at the residence. The firearm was listed as stolen out of Austin Police Department. Several unidentified pills located in the home will be send to the Texas Department of Public Safety for analysis.