Drivers weigh in on what factors played a part in three Orange County auto-pedestrian accidents in the past week.

Monday night, a Michigan man was the third person to be struck and killed by a vehicle near Interstate 10 near Orange.

Investigators said all of the people were walking in the road when they were hit.

“I'm always worried about hitting an animal but now I guess you have to be more cautious about hitting people too,” Niki Monceaux said.

The Orange County driver said much of the interstate near Orange is very dark, especially along the access roads.

Marian Raymer agreed.

“Due to the lighting along the off ramps, sometimes it's really hard to see and you have to slow down to a crawl,” Raymer said. “We have to be more careful when watching for pedestrians”

But no lights isn’t the only issue, pedestrians can also wear brighter clothing, especially when walking near roadways at night.

Janois Grizzaffi with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office said pedestrians need to be more careful.

“Pedestrians should always exercise reasonable care for their own safety,” Grizzaffi said. “Do not walk in a lane of travel and walk as far away from travel lanes as possible. Texas traffic code states that if no sidewalk is available, a pedestrian should, if possible, walk on the left side of the roadway or on the shoulder of the highway facing oncoming traffic.”

But drivers have to do their part in keeping roadways safe as well.

“Drivers, driving down the road, you always see everybody looking at their phone,” Monceaux said. “Everyone's distracted looking at something else.”

Distractions Raymer said prevents drivers from making quick adjustments on the road.

“When I see someone walking and there's a two lane,” Raymer said. “Two one way lanes. I get over so that I won't hit someone.”