The Beaumont Independent School District announced Thursday that three current members of the district's board of managers will be stepping down at the end of July.

12NewsNow spoke to the Texas Education Agency, they tell us that there will be an announcement made on the first School Board Meeting in August.

From the Beaumont Independent School District...

Dr. James M. “Jimmy” Simmons, along with fellow Beaumont Independent School District Board Managers Lenny Caballero and Jack Carroll have announced they will step down from their Board positions effective July 31, 2017.

Dr. Simmons retired as president of Lamar University in 2013 and is known throughout Southeast Texas as an educational leader and musician. Lenny Caballero is general manager-director of event facilities for the City of Beaumont, and Jack Carroll is a partner in the Beaumont law offices of Orgain, Bell & Tucker, LLP.

Three years ago, then-Texas Commissioner of Education Michael Williams appointed a seven-member Board of Managers and entrusted the members to govern the BISD for a period of two years. The new Board consisted of seven prominent community leaders led by Board President Jimmy Simmons.

Following Commissioner Williams’ term, Mike Morath was appointed Commissioner by Governor Greg Abbott and took office in January 2016. Commissioner Morath requested that the BISD Managers remain in office for another year and all agreed to do so. In addition, the current board agreed to remain in office until the May 2017 elections were completed.

Managers Joe Domino, A.B. Bernard, Vernice Monroe, and Robert Turner will remain.

“It was an honor and privilege to serve this community and to contribute to the well-being of our students, teachers, and employees,” Dr. Simmons remarked. “We believe BISD is financially stable, accountable to the citizens, and moving forthrightly in the direction everyone wants for our community,” Simmons added.

Commissioner Morath expressed his thanks for the members’ service.

“A major debt of gratitude is owed by the Beaumont community to Dr. Simmons, Mr. Caballero, and Mr. Carroll. Their skilled and tireless efforts along with their commitment to integrity, honesty, and transparency have redirected BISD towards academic excellence. The District’s future is bright due in no small part to the leadership of these Board members.”