A single red rose placed by a loved one of an officer killed in the line of duty.

Mayor Becky Ames spoke at the memorial saying honoring and remembering officers who made the ultimate sacrifice.

It was a bitter sweet memorial for the family members of Lisa Beaulieu.

"When you lose someone in your family, you suddenly become a member of another family, its a family you never wanted to join because you had to lose someone to join it but it becomes an amazing comfort," said Gloria Prince.

Police Chief Jim Singletary gives a power speech honoring the fallen and thanking the community for their strong support of the police department. Bryan Hebert's watched ended July of 2011. At the memorial his parents tell 12News Reporter Kelsey Johnson that they think about their son everyday and are still very proud of him.

Glenn Hebert, father of Bryan Hebert, said, "It's kind of like, good and bad. It brings back a lot of memories that i don't..., but then I think about him all the time anyhow. It's just awesome that they do this for the fallen officers."

It was a day of remembrance, a day to honor those who paid the ultimate sacrifice to protect a community they loved.