Cathedral Church kicking off day two of their "Not in My City" service and the pews were packed Sunday night.

"It means a lot to me because I've dealt with racial tension in this area and I feel important we come as a community and discuss the issues so it can be changed." Said 16-year-old, Landon Richard.

For Rebecca Prince, she was happy to attend both days of the summit that has motivated her to make an impact in her community.

"That's my heart. I want to see racial reconciliation between all races and I just want to come out and support that." Prince told 12News.

The summit was created following the recent tragedies across the country involving racial tensions and police-involved shootings.

"I think we should all have the same shirt "Not in My City." Said Karen Lewis.

The church also sold more than one hundred shirts with the hash tag "Not in My City" just before the service Sunday.