Beaumont Police are suggesting you keep a close eye on packages that are being delivered to your door step especially now that the holidays are around the corner.

One man was caught on camera stealing a package in a Beaumont neighborhood earlier this month.

Beaumont Police released a photo, shot by a doorbell camera on October 6, 2016, showing a man taking a package from a home in the 1900 block of Driskill Street.

12News spoke to a man in that neighborhood Thursday not long after he received a package who now says he will be more cautious.

"With this knowledge now Im going to keep checking in the morning first thing when i get home to make sure everything is alright," said T.J. Scott.

Police say this isn't the only area being targeted and that there have been seven other package thefts around the area of Phelan and 23rd Street.

Cameras are a good way to turn the tables on thieves.

They can now be found in a variety of forms from doorbell cameras like the one that caught this crook in action to low-cost hunting cameras or larger home security systems.

There are other ways to keep you packages secure....

  • Ask the post office to hold your packages for pick up.
  • Some mailing services like UPS and Fed Ex allow you to request a scheduled delivery time for when you are home.
  • Request a signature confirmation that your package was delivered to someone authorized to receive your mail.
  • You can also buy insurance for your packages