The City of Port Arthur is putting its money where its water is, launching a major effort to improve its infrastructure.

"Water and wastewater is a needed service for all citizens," said Asst. City Manager Dr. Jimmie Johnson, explaining why it's time for the city's plumbing to get a makeover. "We have an old infrastructure. We have old water lines that, in some cases, are not even being used today."

Some of those pipes date back decades, including a water treatment plant built in the 1950s.

Beginning Oct. 1, the city started work on its water and sewer master plan, identifying what needs to be replaced or built new to serve current and future residents.

"We meet those challenges by careful planning," said Johnson.

The city's starting point is a hydraulic analysis completed three years ago, which looked at flows throughout the city. The next step is evaluating where the problem spots are, what the solutions may be and how to pay for them.

"That is a challenge," Johnson said.

Johnson expects it will take anywhere from six months to one year to complete the plan.