Judge Baylor Wortham ruled in favor of the Reeves family by keeping a temporary restraining order in place against Kirbyville CISD.

The order will preserve documents like personnel records, e-mails and cell phones for the Reeves’ family to get more evidence about the events surrounding his death.

The wife of Dennis Reeves, Tammy, thanked the community for their support during her family’s time of grief.

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"I just want to take this time to thank everyone for their outpouring of love, support and concern for myself and for my family," said Reeves. “It’s been overwhelming and very appreciated.”

Chip Ferguson is the lawyer representing the Reeves family as they seek information surrounding Dennis Reeves’ death.

Ferguson said he believes the school district is responsible for destroying evidence the day after the court approved a temporary restraining order against the district.

He said has pictures of school documents getting thrown away in a dumpster and has photos of Reeves' personal filing cabinet getting removed from his office.

"Kirbyville doesn’t have anything to be afraid of, they should welcome our inquiries because our inquiries, if they are innocent will set them free,” said Ferguson. “IF they won’t set them free then they will continue to fight like they did today.”

Ferguson said he also spoke to a shredding company which planned on shredding documents at Kirbyville High School.

Kirbyville CISD attorney Sara Leon calls these claims a conspiracy, she explained documents are commonly shredded at the end of the school year to keep student records like student test papers and copies of graded materials confidential.

"I am disappointed that a restraining order is being sought because obviously the district has no records it has destroyed, it just hasn’t been asked for it," said Leon.

Leon also discussed two separate harassment allegations made against Mr. Reeves in court this morning. One of the allegations is from his former secretary, Marcia Morgan who admitted to having an affair with Reeves.

According to the Kirbyville CISD court briefing, Morgan complained about receiving unwanted text messages from Reeves and his wife. In the court briefing, Morgan also complained about getting targeted on social media by Tammy Reeves.

"Kirbyville keeps changing their narrative which is poor man’s way of saying they keep changing their story that’s what they continue to do,” said Ferguson. “We are going to find out about that."

Leon said the other complaint was made by a Kirbyville teacher who claimed she received hundreds of unwanted text messages from Reeves

"It’s unfortunate we are having this sort of circus around this serious event," said Leon.

Ferguson told the judge he also wants to look at other security camera footage from the school to see who was entering and exiting the building the day of Dennis Reeves’ death.

Leon said the school district gave the police department footage from the parking lot on the day of the incident. She explains footage from other cameras at the school are automatically deleted after two weeks.

Ferguson said he plans on attempting to retrieve the deleted footage from his Information Technology team.

Ferguson made a statement regarding Morgan’s recent statement on her affair with Reeves.

“I have read Ms. Morgan’s statement and find it self-serving and slanderous,” said Ferguson. “We will follow the evidence and rebut this work of fiction.”

Ferguson also said he believes Morgan kept going back to the High School to visit Dennis after their affair ended. He added, several employees at the school district also made complaints.

“There is evidence we have uncovered in our investigation that indicates very strongly that she was a constant visitor to the campus even though she was not assigned to the campus,” said Ferguson. “There was evidence that shows she would show up for other stated reasons but tried to contact Dennis.”

Ferguson said they have added Dr. Danny Lovett, executive director of the Region 5 Education Service Center, to the list of people they have requested records from because he played a role in hiring Dr. Thomas Wallis.

“We want to see what information is available,” said Ferguson. “We know region five and Dr. Lovett was at the school immediately after the incident and would like to know what he knows and what he found out and when.”

A scheduled hearing is set on June 30 at the Jefferson County court to rule on whether the restraining order will become an injunction. If you would like to read more from both attorney’s statements on the Temporary Restraining order click here.