U.S. Congressman Al Green speaking to democrats in Beaumont Sunday just two days before Election Day. Green wants to remind them why Jefferson County should remain blue,

He's proud to see it that way even though statewide, Texas has stayed red. Recent polls have shown the presidential race in Texas closer than its been in years.

"I do believe the possibility exists." said Green. On Sunday, a bombshell from the FBI announcing that Hillary Clinton should not face criminal charges after a review of newly discovered emails.

Jefferson County Democratic Party Chairman, Cade Bernsen, says the news came at a perfect time for last minute voters. "It was very unfortunate what happened. They investigated Mrs. Clinton and they found nothing she did not criminal activity. She did nothing wrong."

But republicans are hoping to see change here in Jefferson County and are confident Texas will stay red. Just last week about 5 thousand people attended Freedom Fest at Ford Park.

The even raised 11 thousand dollars for the 100 Club of Southeast Texas.

Jefferson County Republican Party Chairman Dr. Garrett Peel sent this statement to 12News:

"There is a voter surge in Jefferson County by voters who want change from the status quo. For decades, local democrats have been in charge, yet our murder rate is one of the highest per capita in the country, and poverty continues to plague our inner cities with no plan in sight. Local republicans are dedicated to improving schools, making our streets safer and getting results that impact everyone in Southeast Texas. Texas is a red state and will stay that way because of our shared conservative values."