The defense has rested its case in the capital murder trial of a Beaumont man accused of killing a woman and her daughter in 2010 in their Beaumont home.

Closing arguments are set to start Tuesday afternoon in the trial of Joseph Colone, jr, who is accused of fatally shooting Mary Goodman and her daughter, Briana, 16, in 2010.

Prosecutors say he killed the mother and daughter to keep them from testifying against him in a robbery case.

Eight witnesses were called by the defense while the prosecution called 25 witnesses.

Several of the defense's witnesses were either in prison or out on parole.

The defense appeared to be attempting to pin the murder Goodman and her daughter on Mary Goodman's boyfriend Robert Fontenot.

While defense witness Leonard Head, who is currently on parole, was on the stand he told the jury that he saw Robert Fontenot the day after the shooting.

Head said Fontenot seemed like he was in a hurry to get out of town when he visited Head's father's shop to get his motorcycle fixed.

During cross examination of Head prosecutors suggested that Fontenot may have been scared that he, too, ay have been killed after losing his loved ones.

A former cell mate of Colone's, Tyrus Williams, who is currently in prison, testified that he gave a false statement to a prosecution investigator when he told him that Colone told him he wanted to kill Goodman because he was mad that she had told police he had been involved in a robbery.

He later claimed he told the investigator things he was hearing from other people and in the news.