The Dallas Cowboys rookie starting quarterback has seen his popularity soar during his breakout season as he fills in for the injured Tony Romo.

Dak Prescott is living his dream according to his uncle Phillip Ebarb.

“When I saw him run through that tunnel, I've never cried instantly like that before,” Ebarb said.

His uncle attributes the quarterback’s success to Prescott being humble, hardworking and prepared.

Ebarb is happy the quarterback from southwest Louisiana is now getting the respect he deserves.

“I feel he was slighted a little bit in the draft,” Ebarb said.

But he said Dak is used to being thrust into the spotlight.

“The QB's ahead of him have been hurt and he's taken over,” Ebarb said. “It happened in high school, college and the pros.”

Success his uncle believes Prescott learned on the field.

“I know he believes in himself like we believe but it's been a little bit crazy, he's really stepped it up,” the uncle said.

Prescott’s mother passed away from colon cancer in November 2013, during Prescott’s junior season at Mississippi State.

But now the pair are teaming up for a new play, to help other college athletes in similar positions.

“It's called “Huddle Up For Life”, we help other student athletes with family members who are terminally ill,” Ebarb said. “We do whatever it takes to help families have time together. College compliance can't help these families. They can't help them with a better ticket, better parking because you have to be fair to everyone. That's why with the foundation we help student athletes in college because we as an organization can help those families help pay their expense.”

As the NFL focuses on cancer awareness in October, Ebarb said he is filing paperwork and looking for benefactors for their non-profit organization that he hopes to up and running soon.

But his uncle did shed a little bit of light on who he would like to see as the starting quarterback of “America’s Team” once the injured Romo is healthy.

“I think that's Jason garret and Jerry Jones decision… but as a coach you call a timeout for what? to stop the momentum.