A Port Arthur man is in disbelief after catching a group of crooks breaking into his grandmother's home for the fourth time Thursday morning.

The incident happened right at Griffin Park in Port Arthur, right across from Terrell Elementary School.

The grandson hopes for those responsible to speak up.

Crooks made their way inside the home stealing from a 90-year-old Port Arthur grandmother.

"When she got alerted from one of the cameras, she knew something was wrong," says Roy Reed, grandson of the victim.

"When she saw that people were inside the house, she called the Port Arthur Police Department," he says.

Watching these images on camera was a raging moment for Reed.

"They're stealing from elderly people," Reed says.

"She's collected this stuff for 90 years, It's valuable only to the person that owns it," he says.

Reed says that the incident happened at around 1 in the morning on Thursday.

"As the anger wore off, I've realized that these are someone else's grandkids," Reed says.

"I just hope they realize that what they did was wrong," he explains.

But despite getting mad, this grandson sends these burglars simple advice.

"Your parents raised you better than that," he says.

"That's my grandmother, how would you feel if they did this to your grandmother," He explains.

Police ask that if you recognize the people seen on the video, Call Crime Stoppers to 409-833-TIPS