The annual Crime Stoppers of the year award reception celebrated those who work hard to make a difference in Southeast Texas, this year the celebration was held at the Event Center in Beaumont.

Awards were given to organizations that continuously help the group in its 35-year success, groups like the Garth House of Southeast Texas.

“It's such a nice feeling to know others recognize the work that you do,” says executive director Marion Tanner.

The Garth House was one of the many honored this for working with law enforcement to prevent child abuse and neglect and lessening the trauma to child victims.

“We've done forensic interviews in the cases where there's been kidnaps violence, actual murders, children have been eye witnesses,” says Tanner.

Through organizations like this one, crime stoppers work hard to bring criminals to justice.

“There are crimes that couldn't have been solved at all if crime stoppers weren't formed,” says Beaumont Police Department Chief Jim Singletary

Crime stoppers have made over 3 thousand arrests, more than 6 thousand cases have been cleared, and over 6 hundred thousand dollars have been awarded as rewards.

“We work really hard on anonymity, we are covered through governor’s office,” says Officer Carol Riley.

“You do not have to give your name and we do not know who you are and make sure there is no way you can tell who you are,” she explains.

Through its team efforts, the group says they will continue to find answers to unsolved cases something to celebrate in Southeast Texas.

“We do it as a team, it really takes a team effort to pull a case together,” says Tanner.

For those cell phone users out there, Crime Stoppers just released a new app.

If you are interested in downloading the new app in either Apple or Android, CLICK HERE.