The Orange County Sheriff's Office has been negotiating a new contract with the county since the last one expired in 2013.

Sergeant Jimmy LeBoeuf, the President of the Orange County Sheriff's Office Union, claims the county held out even though they wanted the same terms as the last contract.

"We agreed to keep everything the same we didn't ask for any more money, we didn't ask for anything um more than what we asked for exactly in 2013," Sergeant LeBoeuf said.

But Orange County judge Stephen Brint Carlton explains that there was one discrepancy regarding some legal terms.

"The previous judge, Judge Thibodeaux, and the court filed the initial litigation and so it had to do with some of the language and the duration of the contract," Carlton said.

The language kept certificate pay out of the last year of the contract.

That's the pay employees get for earning special certificates for knowing how to use a breathalyzer or be on the swat team, for example.

While the commissioners agreed to certificate pay in the 2013 year, they were never obligated to do so according to this contract obtained by 12 News.

The Orange County District Attorney's office affirmed that belief in this opinion, however Judge Carlton says that is language he wants to take out of the new contract, something that has not been approved for three years.

"What I'd like to do is have a new contract that also includes certificate pay and a base raise in pay and things on behalf of the union."

Sargeant LeBoeuf wants a new contract just as badly as he does.

"I think both the Sheriff's Office Association and the county would like to come to an agreement on a new contract as soon as possible and we're hoping to do that," he said.

The county commissioners and Orange County Sheriff's Office have yet to agree to a new contract.

Due to an evergreen clause in the 2009-2013 agreement, the County Commissioners and Sheriff's Office must continue to operate under it until a new contract is agreed upon.