A harrowing day Wednesday near the nation's capital as a man opens fire on Republican congressmen and their aides and associates.

A vigil held in Virginia for the victims, and while it grieves the nation, a Southeast Texas man has been especially hit hard.

Among those injured, House majority whip Steve Scalise of Louisiana, and Zachary Barth, a congressional aide to Representative Roger Williams of Austin.

The assailant, 66-year-old James T. Hodgkinson of Bellville, Illinois, who was immediately engaged by and killed by capitol hill police officers.

"The scariest part was when the phone rang and my son said Zachary had been shot," says Bill Barth, Zachary's grandfather, who lives on Bolivar Peninsula.

"It was very scary." pic.twitter.com/X39fv4LRLB

— JuanRodríguez 12News (@_JuanRodriguez_) June 14, 2017

The same scary images being shown on Barth's tv screen was a reality for his grandson Zachary.

"The gunman started shooting," says Barth

"He heard the shots and got into a crouch out in the outfield," he explains.

"The gunman saw him and pointed the gun at him and shot him," He says.

Zachary is a staffer for Congressman Williams pic.twitter.com/LuterLgfKk

— JuanRodríguez 12News (@_JuanRodriguez_) June 14, 2017

His grandson was 24-year-old congressional aide Zachary Barth, who was shot in the calf.

A simple text message was what let Barth know that his grandson Zachary was okay.

"He says he's been to the hospital," Barth says "he's going to have a nice scar."

But the shooting left behind a national scar that Barth hopes will bring about healing.

"If it brings Congress together and finally get things done, maybe we're better off after this," Barth says.

Keeping in mind shooting victims like his grandson Zachary.

"We know he's going to be great," says Barth.

"That's my boy," he ends.

Barth tells us his grandson has finally been released from the hospital.

His grandson spoke with Vice President Mike Pence who wished him well in his recovery.