Confederate symbols and statues are coming under heavy scrutiny all across the nation, and in Port Arthur, there's an emerging issue in the name of an elementary school.

Several citizens are asking the Port Arthur Independent School District to consider renaming Robert E Lee Elementary school.

"It's a sad situation for us to be living in 2017 and still go through the things we go through," says an employee at Robert E Lee Elementary, who has decided to stay anonymous due to security reasons.

An every day she walks to school, walking in the doors is a reminder of Confederate history.

"The name needs to change," She says.

"It's time for something different."

And like her school, there are dozens of other schools still sporting Confederate names.

According to The Texas Tribune at a majority number of schools with mainly minority students, Confederate names remain.

In Port Arthur at Robert E Lee Elementary school, of the over 750, only point nine percent (0.9%) of the students are white and the rest are minority descent.

"People need to realize that we're not going anywhere," the employee says.

But this change of name has already looked into by the school district.

The policy says that a written nominations should be submitted, the board shall accept nominations for the names of new schools or facilities from individuals or groups residing within the district.

I want to hear from you, why?


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Once voted on and if approved, a name change can be possible.

We reached out to several organizations who oppose the name change and we have yet to receive a response.

The following is the PAISD school name policy:

Policy CW (LOCAL) - Naming Facilities by 12NewsNow on Scribd