A rosary hangs from 13-year-old Omar Cabrera's neck Sunday afternoon. It represents strength and faith, which he has, after his alleged attack almost two weeks ago in the streets of Beaumont.

"Right now, my son is recovering and is doing better and that's what makes me happy." Said his mother, Virginia Martinez.

Martinez, along with family members and the League of United Latin American Citizens gathered at Fletcher Park on Sunday to take a stand against violence.

They want to make the message clear to the rest of the community that assaulting school children should not be tolerated.

"The reason we did this rally is to bring attention to what's happening in certain parts of the community where children that are leaving school and walking home are being assaulted." Said Robert Flores, President of LULAC.

Family members say Omar was walking home from school last month when a group of teens attacked him, took his phone, and left him with a broken jaw.

Omar now uses a notebook in order to communicate with his family. The 8th grader even wrote how he loves playing the clarinet and he hopes to get better to continue playing music.

"I think all mothers of those children who have been assaulted, they need to come and speak out about what is going on." Martinez said at the rally.