Soldiers placed the American flag in the heavy rain on Sunday. People stood with hats held across their hearts as they watched their local hero head to his final resting place.

"I think its only appropriate we pay tribute to him to one of our fallen first responders. These people serve valuable purpose in our community." said Charles Scott.

Scott stepped out of his work place at Novrosky's in Silsbee along with his co-workers to honor fallen Silsbee firefighter, Jay Hinkie.

Following Hinkie's funeral, a procession took over Highway 327 in Silsbee. Fire trucks after fire trucks were parked on the eastbound lanes.

The Patriot Guard Riders also riding in the procession.

The rain on Sunday, not stopping anyone from saying their last goodbyes to Hinkie.

"I mean they have to serve in all types of weather. Why can't we stand and tribute to him in this weather?" said Scott.

Mary Martinez stood outside in the rain along with her daughters as well.

"My son was in the fire department for 20 years so out of respect and that Mr. Hinkie is my cousin's uncle by marriage, we just wanted to show our respect to him." she said.

Hinkie was buried at Farmer Memorial Cemetery in Silsbee.