Re/Max 1 in Beaumont is partnering with the Texas Sentinels Foundation to build a soldier a home.

“We are going to build a home that is debt free,” said Re/Max Broker, Charlie Foxworth. “That’s fully furnished. That’s ADA compliant. That we can be with him the rest of his life and support him.”

Phillip Blackmon, a former Staff Sergeant and Explosive Ordinance Disposal Technician in the army says he didn’t believe this would happen after meeting with a Texas Sentinel representative in February.

“She said I want you to go online and I want you to fill out an application,” said Blackmon. “I said whatever, okay. This doesn’t happen to Phillip Blackmon.”

Two months later, it did. Blackmon and his wife were told they would be receiving a new home. A need for them because of Philip’s extensive injuries.

“Two shoulder surgeries,” recalled Blackmon. “On both my shoulders. Two surgeries each. Hip surgery. Multiple back surgeries. I have eight herniated disks in my back.”

The list goes on. Once it was established that the Blackmon’s would be moving to the Lumberton area, local business responded. Over 20 will be providing resources for the project. Foxworth says the response has been tremendous.

“The contractors are either coming out and they are donating their labor and the materials to do the build, and they are coming out of the wood work,” said Foxworth. “And we are very very excited.”

After Saturday’s clay shoot to raise money for the project, a $100,000 goal in mind, Blackmon is grateful for the communities’ contributions.

“It pulls at my heart to know a bunch of strangers, are willing to come together for people they don’t even know,” said Blackmon. “And wanting to do something incredibly generous.”