The countdown begins as early voting for the presidential election is set to kick off next week. However, citizens are now questioning, if votes can be rigged following republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump said that voter fraud is happening in this year's election.

"I've heard people say it could be rigged, but I do not really know." said Gary Braxton. The 54-year-old told 12News he will not be hitting the polls this election season.

Jefferson County Clerk, Carolyn Guidry says she is confident voter fraud will not make its way here. "We are not connected to any outside source to begin with and you have to actually be standing in front of a machine to get access to the memory card in order to do any type of rigging and that is not possible." Guidry said.

Another way employees prevent voter fraud is by checking the Jefferson County Voter System. It shows whether or not a person is deceased or a convicted felon incase someone attempts to vote twice.

"We make sure that we are up to date on those that have become convicted felons, people that might have passed away, all those resources not only do we have here but we also get them from external sources like the Secretary of State." Said Allison Nathan Getz, Jefferson County Tax Assessor-Collector.

For Rhonda Braxton, she is excited to vote this election and is hoping no vote is rigged this year. "I hope it is not an issue but if it does become an issue it will be scary because we won't be able to see who actually won for real." Braxton said.

If someone is caught committing voter fraud in Texas, it is considered a crime and violators will be prosecuted.