COLLEGE STATION, Texas - Across the nation clown sightings are being reported. Now, some people on social media say they are in Aggieland. Early this morning university police say they received calls about clown sightings at White Creek Apartments, Kyle Field, The Health Science Center, and the Beutel Health Clinic. Officers responded with no clowns in sight.

It is not illegal to dress like a clown in public, but university police say anytime someone sees something suspicious or alarming they should call the department.

"They shouldn't feel like they are going to be an inconvenience to us," said Lt. Baron. "We are here to assist the public and should they need us, we are going to respond appropriately."

Lt. Baron says there has been no substantial evidence to show any suspicious clowns are here. He goes on to say that not matter what students should always be cautious of their surroundings.