Mary Shields has lived in Port Arthur her whole life. the last two months have been frustrating for her and her family.

"The house smells like a barbecue pit," Shields said.

Shields can see the German Pellets silos from her house. The company has been working to extinguish a smoldering silo that collapsed weeks ago.

According to Port Arthur city councilman Willie “Bae” Lewis, the company is paying the city for the Port Arthur Fire Department to help extinguish the smoldering pellets.

The Port Arthur City Council took action last week in a closed session.

Councilman Lewis tells 12 News the city is planning to file a lawsuit against the company for creating a nuisance in the community.

Shields thinks that the company should've fixed this issue soon after the silo caught fire.

"They can't tell us that this is not dangerous, you're inhaling that smoke and it's in your pores," Shields said.

According to a company website, German Pellets is continuing to monitor air quality levels which are healthy at this time.

However, residents like Shields think the city's response is the only appropriate action.

"If [the city] is finally getting involved, good for them because people have been fighting for us, you know and I really appreciate it because, you know, what can we do?" Shields said.

The City of Port Arthur did not want to comment further on the case.

12 News reached out to the German Pellets company hotline and is waiting for a response.