The health care plan for thousands of children in the state is in jeopardy if congress does not pass its spending bill on Friday.

The Texas Health and Human Services commission is optimistic the federal government with accept its request for funding to keep the Children’s Health Insurance Program running until February.

Without the funding, the CHIP program in Texas would end on January 31.

On Sept. 30 Congress missed its deadline to renew funding for CHIP which could affect more than 450,000 children health insurance.

“All of a sudden, what you thought you had access to you, no longer do,” said Triangle Area Network Executive Director Dena Hughes. “It’s even worse when you are in the middle of a health crisis."

Hughes said she anticipates seeing more business at the TAN healthcare center if congress does not pass its spending bill which includes CHIP this Friday.

“If the rules change, then we want to be available and we want to be ready to provide the same service that a mom would get for her baby with insurance or without insurance," said Hughes.
Hughes emphasizes the healthcare center accepts patients who do not have insurance by basing its copay on a patients income and family size.
"For those individuals who do not have those resources the same care that an individual would receive that pays the insurance is the same care that the individual will receive that cannot afford to pay,” said Hughes.

The Texas Health and Human services commission expects to receive $90 million from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services to allow CHIP to continue till February but the commission will know for certain in December.

Hughes wants the community to know the healthcare center will not turn patients away if CHIP is no longer provided as insurance.

"We will definitely start seeing an increase in the community members who understand what we are here for and we are able to do the same work that a private doctor can do," said Hughes.