Over 40 years after Charlton-Pollard High School shut down, some of the school's former students have been offered a chance to display their memorabilia for the first time.

Bettye Duplantier graduated from Charlton-Pollard High School in 1963 and has fond memories of her time as a Bulldog.

"I had a special English teacher…Seymour, she taught senior English and she was one of my favorite teachers. I really enjoyed her class because she was a no nonsense teacher and you had no play in there," Duplantier said.

Her senior yearbook and dozens of other pieces of bulldog history can be seen at the Jefferson County Courthouse “mini museum.”

Duplantier says the offer to display the items was a surprise, but she says the response to seeing the items is nostalgic.

"People actually stop and are amazed at the things that happened back then, Charlton Pollard was a viable neighborhood and the school was absolutely marvelous, we loved Charlton Pollard," Duplantier said.

She hopes that other younger folks can be inspired to create a tight knit community in today's schools.

"It lets you know the things and the activities people were involved in, and it'll probably make you think, they had fun doing that," Duplantier said.

The display will remain in the courthouse’s mini museum until September 6.