Caught on camera and blurred to protect you from some of the indelicate aspects of what happened, a young man stumbles around Twin City Highway in Port Arthur and experts in drug addiction say it appears the man is possibly under the influence of synthetic marijuana.

This video illustrates that using it is no "harmless" pastime.

The incident happened on the sidewalk between the Memorial High School football stadium and Twin City Highway.

The person who recorded the video tells 12News that he posted the video on Facebook to raise awareness of the consequences of drug abuse.

Stumbling down the sidewalk you can see a man running off.

"He has to be on some type of drugs," says Alonzo Hunter, who posted the video on Facebook.

The video is making rounds across social media, with over 100 thousand views.

"I thought the man was dead when I saw him on the ground," Hunter says.

"That particular behavior could possibly be synthetic marijuana or any particular designer drug," says Ales Flood, with the Southeast Texas Council of Alcohol and Drug Abuse.

"The individual has no control and they have no coordination and that's the kind of behavior you'll see," Flood says.

According to DrugAbuse.Gov, synthetic marijuana or "fake weed" is often marketed as "safe," legal alternatives to the marijuana drug.

In fact, they may affect it has on the brain can be much more powerful.

The actual effects of the drug can be unpredictable and, in some cases, severe or even life-threatening.

"Individuals are adding chemicals which they don't know the potency of the drug," Flood says.

"People need to stop selling these drugs, they have people going crazy and stuff," Hunter says.

Hoping to not have to run into this sight again.