Black stains remain visible on Neal Riley's white Honda. That's because investigators took finger prints after thieves broke into Riley's car early Wednesday morning.

Riley told 12News they took off with his belongings like his checkbook and gym bag.

"Apparently one of our neighbors called police in the morning and while they spoke to officers, they had already caught the people." said Riley.

Beaumont police say the auto burglaries happened on the 54-hundred block of Clinton and the 600 Block of Sue Lane.

Officers believe there could be more victims. "We also recovered additional property that wasn't taken in those five auto burglaries so we believe there are other victims out there who maybe haven't realized." said Officer Haley Morrow.

Investigators say auto burglaries are very common in Beaumont and want to remind people not to leave valuables in their cars.

Beaumont police say they arrested three men connected to the crimes thanks to a Good Samaritan who called in Wednesday.

If you wish to recover your belongings or know someone who does, file a report or call the Beaumont Police Department at 832-1234.