Village Creek water is currently at action level meaning no boats can go in the water.

It's an issue that Joe Sharp has experienced in the past.

Rainwaters have caused Village Creek to rise and he says the water can creep into the forest and create a confusing trail on a canoe or kayaking trip.

Sharp says customers have postponed and rescheduled trips, but he knows it's in their best interest.

"I've done it myself at all levels just to assess the danger, how many sandbars are out and when, because that's what people want. If you go out there and the banks are overflowing there's no place to stop along the way," Sharp said.

Some of Sharp’s trips can take up to 2 hours.

According to the National Weather Service, water levels have been unsafe since last weekend.

The National Weather Service predicts the levels to go down by July 4.

It’s a time that can be fun for families. Sharp says it can be dangerous if anyone is not careful or not listening to their guide.

"Always be safe, wear your life jackets if you don't swim," Sharp said.

Texas Game Warden Mike Boone wants to remind canoers and kayakers to be cautious on the water.