Alice Faye Smith has lived in the same Buna home for 20 years. She says every year when the weather turns bad, rainwater floods her yard and underneath her home.

“My floors are rotten as you saw and in the back,” Smith said.

Smith says that she and her neighbors have contacted TXDOT to notify them of the bad runoff coming from Highway 62 in Buna.

She claims nothing has ever been done about the issue.

“The neighbors and I have all contacted people that were in charge of the highway for years and tried to tell them we’ve had a really bad problem but nothing was ever done,” Smith said.

Due to the extensive flooding, she will be moving from her home into a trailer higher above ground right next door to her current home.

In some spots, water rose up to nearly a foot around her home.

Smith says she is praying the issue can be resolved soon so her and her neighbors can get some relief in the future.

She is saddened that she won’t be living in her beloved home.

“This house was supposed to last as long as I did, but it would have if it wasn’t for that water,” Smith said.

“It’s a good house, and it has so many memories in it, and it has sweet spirits in it,” Smith said.