Next week, Bridge City begins a project to clean up its brown water. A trial period starts Monday ending months of delays in getting the $1.5 million filtration system fully operational.

At Bill Dixon’s home in Bridge City, Dixon refrains from drinking city water. He knows that the water has a dark reputation.

"Sometimes I've had the brown water here from time to time but it's sporadic, I know problems that have a lot worse problem than us," Dixon said.

Bridge City officials hope a new median to be installed into the city's water system will clean out iron and manganese. Those minerals are the main source of the brown color in Bridge City water.

City Manager Jerry Jones is optimistic.

"The median basically works like a pool filter system, it has a backwash system so that when there's an accumulation that gets on the median it'll backflow and clean it,” Jones said.

“But I think that it'll be a good system once we get it operational," Jones said.

Dixon says he'll remain cautious.

"It's not going to be instantaneous, it's going to be a process and there's probably still some infrastructure with some pipes that are quite old that need to be replaced but that'll be further down the road,” Dixon said.

“But the bottom line is it's going to help a lot of folks," Dixon said.

The trial period for the system will last four months. But city leaders say the water *will be safe during the entirety of the trial.

City engineers, TCEQ officials and Filtronics, the California-based company that built the filter, will be in Bridge City on Monday.