Gean Hammet and his family has experienced a community coming together, most recently while his daughter Raylee spent more than seven weeks at Texas Children's Hospital with a rare bacteria.

"We're trying to raise some money to help with the financial burden that we still do you have after going back-and-forth to Houston for her medical appointments plastic surgery and all that good stuff," said Hammett.

Now the toddler is home and life is back to normal, except for the stack of medical bills the family now faces as a result of 30 nights stay in intensive care, 50 nights total.

Patricia, Raylee's mom, spoke about the overwhelming support her family has received lately. "Yeah we're so grateful and blessed so I tell people we're just so blessed to be able to bring her daughter home with all the prayers she really is a miracle," she said.

This weekend the family is hosting a ragball tournament this in Bridge City. Games start at 9a.m. Sunday morning at the Bridge City Little League fields. It will cost $125 to enter a team into the tournament.

If you recall, back in February the community rallied for Raylee by donating more than 400 pounds of aluminum tabs in her name to help out the Ronald McDonald House, a facility that supported the Hammet's for nearly two months while their daughter was in the hospital.

"It made it easier on us less of a financial burden," said Gean.

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Now they're asking teams to step up to the plate to help put a dent into thousands of dollars in medical bills.

"The outreach of prayers and support was amazing we never expected to have so much love and help in prayer from the community," he said.

If you want to sign up, call 409-221-7319 and register your team. So far there are nearly a dozen teams in the field.